Wiangaree – The Border Ranges National Park & The Pinnacle

rod evans - caldera pan from border ranges
View from Pinnacle Lookout – across the Wollumbin Caldera by Rod Evans

Wiangaree – The Border Ranges & the Pinnacle are central significant sacred sites of the Rainbow Serpent Skinlore Kinship’s for Australia

“I want to share with you creation Lore about the Sky Ancestors – the Wiangarre – SEVEN SISTERS and the  Grandmother Rainbow Serpent – ‘Warrazum’….  Today these sacred djurebil places are know as the Border Ranges National Park and the Pinnacle Lookout,  but to my people they are still known as sacred places of Ceremony, Increase, Fertility and Skinlore Marriage Lore ritual…..sacred marriage, made in heaven,  which links all the tribal territories together “……

“Before it was named the Border Ranges National Park , the same forest was known to the Origine’ peoples as Wiangarie , which means SEVEN SISTERS in Ngarakbul Githabul dialect….and the Pinnacle Hill, or ‘Coowarragum’, is one of our most sacred creation djurebil sites of these rites”…

Pinnacle 4
Coowarragum – Pinnacle Hill

“Tribes would travel from all over the ancestral estates to attend star ceremonies at the Coowarragum Lore Ring ‘complex’ to celebrate marriage, seasonal harvest, the elements and the Sky Ancestor spirits ………and, when the time was right, it was also a centre  for initiates, male and female,  to attend their ‘Nyirgi’ training for initiation through the First Rule; and ‘Magihyn‘ – second level initiation lore”……..

border ranges - wiangarie - seven sisters
The Border Ranges was originally the Wiangarie State Forest

” The Wiangaree forest became the Border Ranges National Park in 1982 .. included on the World Heritage list as part of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia,  along with many other major rainforest stands in the north-east N.S.W and south-east Queensland cross border region”……..

“Though the Border Ranges has been acknowledged as being a portion of the Githabul ancestral estate, through the process of Native Title, it still has never had its ancient sacredness recognised and restored ……and only joint managements rights were given to the Githabul, not full tenure, as we had sort…….and now our ancestral estates djurebil sites still remain severed either side of the state border”…..

Githabul determination area

“The creation of the New South Wales and Queensland Border by the Commonwealth severed the ancestral lore most effectively…….. The Rainbow Serpent Traditions, Lore’s and Customs were forced underground to survive.  They are still being ignored by the authorities today…which is a great shame”……

eagle crow in wollumbin - caterpillar dreaming - wollumbin
Wollumbin [Wallumban] the Caterpillar Skinlore Dreaming of the Origine’ Bird Tribes

“The whole of the Wollumbin Caldera rim has many significant Feathered Serpent [Bird Tribe] Starlore, Marriage Lore, Increase and initiation ritual sites, which we call ‘Djurebil’.……Though scattered throughout the landscape, our most sacred creation Sky Ancestor Lore Bootheram’s span either side of the created border.

Half in the Border Ranges National Park in New South Wales and the other half in the Lamington National Park  in Queensland…This was a very deliberate action by colonial authorities to eradicate evidence of prior occupation.  Targeting our most powerful djurebil Bootheram sites “….

“This action is very hurtful, ‘barahynwena’, to our true Origine’ culture and identity and our connection to the other ancestral tribes of Australia who are also becoming dispossessed from their Rainbow Serpent Lore “…..

“As the first site of the Sky Ancestors creation in Australia, we are responsible for maintaining the true culture of this continent – protecting our land and waters and all its inhabitants, just as our old people did since the dreamtime ” 

“In the beginning time Warazum the Rainbow Serpent and Wiangarie the Seven Sisters  created and seeded the landscape in readiness for Nguthungulli, our Father, to bring us the lore”…..The Ancestors travel across the sky every evening, just as they have done since the ‘alcheringa’, which is our word for ‘the beginning ‘…

These important Sky Ancestors are visible in the night sky and are sacred to the Women….their Water-lore…. and also to the men, their totemic social lore and obligations….And  though the authorities change the names of our sacred places on maps and put unnatural borders where no borders have ever been, our lore remains unbroken”

“Way back in the dreaming our ancient volcano landscapes were covered in a gigantic forest of huge Hoop Pine , Red Cedar and Ti-trees trees – the whole land was lush and green and abundant”…..Toonumbar_National_Park_Murray_Scrub_January_1995

“This primordial landscape was the home of ancient Carpetsnake and Goanna  clans, our Ngarakbul and Githabul ancestors….this same sacred land has been our home ever since our dreamtime creator Nguthungulli [God] made the lore to align with the land which the Rainbow Serpent had carved in the ‘alcheringa‘…….

“My Great Grandfather, Euston William’s was the husband of Charlotte Brown…..”Euston and Charlotte had nineteen children …Their eldest Son was Stan Williams, and Stan is my Grandfather. His tribal name was Duroom which means “Custodian of Knowledge and Lore” . 

nguthungulli-walking-across-sky“We are the bird tribes of Australia.  The Feathered Serpents,  and we come from the eye of the Emu”.

” In accordance with traditional lore and custom this same lore has been faithfully passed down in my family since the beginning of the dreamtime …This is how my Grandfather taught me about our Lore “

Allan Euston Williams 

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